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If you wear neck ties then you should know all about different types of neck ties. There is a variety of neck ties and usually light weight neck ties can be polyester or some other thin material. These ties are usually indicated as being light weight in description but these are more popular in the USA than in the UK where people mostly prefer thick ties.Shop your next Gadget at

Plain Ties
Usually silk or polyester ties are plain ties made up of only a single color. Plain ties come in satin, textured, smooth, silk and woven silk and a wide range of colors. These ties could be worn for everyday use and is more popular for weddings. In addition to the standard smooth ties H/Rib and D/Rib silk ties have a horizontal or diagonal rib or else have a light design to otherwise plain colored tie. Most popular colors for plain ties could vary with seasons.Shop your next Gadget at

Fashion Ties
Fashion ties are printed or woven silk ties that have a specific pattern or design for example spots, stripes and could vary between different seasons. Fashion ties often follow similar trends as those to designer ties but at the half price whereas many fashion ties are available for a specific reason and therefore the stock is quite limited. Towards the end of a season you shall often find fashion ties on sale but you should not rely on buying them because you may or may not get what you wanted as popular ties tries to sell out well before the sales start.Shop your next Gadget at

Cartoon Ties
These ties feature popular cartoon characters and prove to be a great gift for those who love these characters.

Boy Ties
There is a wide variety of boy’s neck ties all from plain ties that are suitable for wedding to different polyester fashion ties and cartoon ties. Many of the satin boy ties and bow ties have matching men’s ties that make them ideal for weddings. Children’s ties are also popular that comes in different length or size of ties and that is indicated in the description.Shop your next Gadget at

Extra Long Ties
These ties are around 10” longer than the regular ties and are designed specifically for tall and large men. These ties are available in silk and polyester and now found more in smooth polyester.Shop your next Gadget at

Clip On Ties
Clip on ties are pre-tied with a fast hook at the back of the knot and more often these come with a neck strap but the standard clip on tie has a clip on at the back of the knot that clips onto the top of your shirt once the top button has been done up.

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