Why Mountain Biking Clothing is a Must Wear


Mountain biking is great fun but it is also physically demanding, and if you take a tumble you’ll want to know you are protected from injury as much as possible. That’s why mountain bike clothing is designed specifically to meet the demands of this sport.

If you’re a beginner or just an occasional mountain biker then a pair of comfortable tracksuit bottoms, a long sleeved t-shirt and the obligatory helmet will suffice. You might also want to put some gloves on to protect your hands. If you’re a regular mountain biker however, it might be worth investing in some proper cycling gear. Comfort, protection and strong breathable fabrics are the watch words to look out for.


These are perhaps the most familiar pieces of mountain bike clothing for most people. When you are buying this kind of mountain bike clothing you’ll find that they’re mostly made from microfleece or quick dry fabrics. Cycling shorts are usually double layered around the seat area for comfort. You’ll be glad of this feature during those bumpy cross country mountain bike rides.


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These can often be an overlooked area of mountain bike clothing, but they are essential to help avoid blisters and protect your hands in the event of a fall.  You’ll often find the backs of the best cycling gloves are aerated for comfort, while the palms will be double layered leather for better protection.

There’s nothing quite like splashing through muddy puddles during a downhill run on your mountain bike, but you’ll enjoy it more if your mountain bike clothing keeps at least some of the elements off you.


You might think a standard set of waterproofs would be fine for cycling, but you’ll be a lot more comfortable wearing mountain bike clothing that is specific for the job. Cycling waterproofs will be much lighter and more breathable than standard ones, and will still allow for complete freedom of movement.

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The best waterproof mountain bike clothing folds and rolls down into a small light bag that can be stowed away in a backpack in case it’s needed. You’ll want to travel light when you’re mountain biking, and proper mountain bike clothing makes life a lot easier in this respect.


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Finally, if you are likely to be out biking along dirt roads during the evening, you might want to invest in some reflective gear as well. Making sure you’ll be seen is an integral part of all good mountain bike clothing.

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